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CAASPP/CAST Assessment

  • California Science Test (CAST) Assessment:

     During the 2017-18 (CAST) was a field test and pilot test (CAA-Science) year for grades 5, 8 and 12. This means that the test was still in development when it was administered to students. While this is a normal process for assessment development, it is not normal to report these results to families because they are not precise enough to gauge performance at the student level. The CDE is fulfilling a requirement by the federal government to provide results to LEAs, who in turn, are responsible for providing the information to families.

    Preliminary indicators offer a general indication of student content knowledge. They include a percent of items answered correctly and an indicator category. Preliminary indicators provide a broad and early indication about our district implementation of the California Next Generation Science Standards. They should be used in conjunction with other information available at the LEA, as preliminary indicators are not precise enough to stand on their own.

    More information about the indicators can be found in our Preliminary Indicator Communication Toolkit.

    Please contact Theresa Smith [email protected] if you would like your students preliminary score.